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Shandong Zhongxin Hydraulic Co.,ltd ,Produce Hydraulic cylinders since 2008,main goal has always been to provide both the Chinese market and overseas markets with high-quality products, by using raw materials which are certified as having undergone quality control. 

Main product as below:

Front End  Telescopic cylinders

Light duty Front End Telescopic Cylinders

Underbody Hydraulic Cylinders

Double acting Telescopic Cylinders

Piston Hydraulic Cylinders

Multistage synchronous cylinder

Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder

Metallurgical cylinder

Non-standard custom Hydraulic Cylinders

hydraulic power supply

Hydraulic System 

Zhongxin has built the reputation for delivering high quality products and service to a wide range of clients worldwide in industries such as Oil&Gas,Construction, Agriculture,Heavy Machinery,Forestry,Mining,Transport and Waste disposal. 

Zhongxin have exported to 20 more countries ,such as USA,Canada, Peru, Mexico,Bolivia,Argentina,Australia,NewZealand,Spain,Portugal,France,Netherthelands,Estonia,Russia,Germany,South Africa,Singapore,Malaysia...

Utilizing a number of sophisticated manufacturing equipment and operating state of the art in inspecting devices,Zhongxin has set up an advanced quality management system ISO9000. 

We hold the enterprise belief of present quality,future market, will keep serving our customers with quality products,fast delivery as well as considerate service. 

Thanks for visiting, and are attentive to new business!

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